Monday, September 27, 2010

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Cake

This cake was cut from a 9"x 13" sheet cake. It was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing to celebrate a friend's 5 year remission anniversary. 

Owl Baby Shower Cake

This cake was a 10 inch round and 6 inch round. The bottom layer was mocha with a mocha hazelnut filling and the top was yellow cake with coconut creme filling. It was covered with chocolate marshmallow fondant and had marshmallow fondant decorations. The baby nursery had a birch tree with an owl and squirrel which we used for the design of the cake.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Black and White Wedding Cake

This cake was made of 15 inch, 12 inch, 9 inch, and 6 inch layers and served 225 people. The bottom and top layers were chocolate fudge with mocha hazelnut filling. The other tiers were lemon with buttercream filling and white cake with raspberry filing. The ribbon was provided by the bride and groom and matched their decor. The entire cake was covered in buttercream frosting.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

40th Birthday

This "toilet cake" was for a 40th birthday party. The party was only about 25 people so the cake part is the bowl and I used fondant covered foam to construct the base and the tank. The "poo" is melted snickers bar and the "toilet paper" is a mini-cake. The cake was chocolate with french vanilla buttercream icing and covered in marshmallow fondant.

Abby Cadabby Cake

This was for an 11x14 sheet cake for a 1st Birthday party. The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing and had vanilla buttercream for Abby Cadabby.

Friday, October 9, 2009

3 Cake Wedding

For this wedding, I made 3 smaller cakes for a wedding of 175 people.
This rose petal cake was 10-inch and 6-inch butter cake with vanilla buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant "petals".
This cake was Italian Cream cake with coconut on the side and walnuts on the top. I used the cream cheese icing to make rosettes for decorations. It was a 3-layer, 10-inch cake.

This cake was a chocolate 3-layer cake with caramel filling and marshmallow fondant. It was 10-inch and feeds about 45 people.

Wedding Cake

This 3-tier wedding cake consisted of 4-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch tiers and feeds about 85 people. the top and bottom layers were white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate buttercream frosting. The middle layer was traditional chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing. All three tiers were covered in marshmallow fondant with buttercream decorations.